Are you familiar with Giving USA?

Who else is awaiting the 2013 Giving USA release on June 18?givingusa

Ok, perhaps you’re not breathless in anticipation but maybe you should be just a little excited.

Giving USA is noted as a reliable source charitable giving information. As a public service initiative of The Giving Institute, they outline key philanthropy findings, provide charts on the sources and uses of contributions, total giving trendlines and bar graphs depicting changes in giving over the last three years.

How can this be useful to us as fundraisers? Sharing the data can help train board members, identify funding gaps, compare regional and national support and evaluate data and gather statics for reports. It’s a great source of statistics for your case for support and in creating press releases.

Giving USA 2013 is scheduled for release on June 18, 2013. For now, we are welcome to review the 2012 version through a free executive summary online.  They provide 20 pages of data from the “Numbers” section of 2012 Giving USA: The Annual Report on Philanthropy for the Year 2011.

There are certain limitations to receiving the executive summary.  It’s only offered in digital form only and you’re limited to up to 5 printing times, in part or in whole. Otherwise, only customers can view the report an unlimited number of times throughout the life of a customer’s account.

Sadly, you’re not able to save the summary to your computer but it is still an amazing amount of support data! I’ll see you at the virtual release party on June 18, 2013!


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