A Little Networking Can Go a Long Way…and Make a BIG Difference

We just HAD to share this!

Below is a note from AFP Central Florida member, Chelsea Ledford, to our AFP Central Florida President, Donna Marino about community connections she was able to make because of her involvement with AFP.

Chelsea Ledford

Chelsea Ledford

This is posted with permission.

Hi Donna,

I just want to tell something amazing that happened from an AFP networking event! Two months ago I went to an AFP luncheon and met the founder of the Bridges of Light Foundation along with her assistant Amy. Bridges of Light meets the basic and educational needs of foster children. This year they are providing educational programs at Carver Middle School, which is a triple D school.

Right now I’m grant writing for Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE) and I asked Amy if Carver Middle School had low income families who live in food insecure households. Amy said a lot of students were food insecure, so I told FCE to contact Carver to see if we could provide healthy meals to students at this school.

Today FCE’s VP of Operations told me that FCE is going to build Carver’s first food pantry!! Later this month FCE is going to clean out Carver’s closet and make it into a neat and clean pantry where students will have access to healthy meals to take home to their families when they are struggling to put food on the table. FCE is also having a Cinco de Mayo hunger project and we want to use this event to package and ship the first round of healthy meals to Carver Middle School.

We are all so excited about this, and this all came from me attending an AFP event! From that one event, hundreds of low-income students at Carver will have easy access to healthy meals and won’t have to worry about when their next meal will be outside of school.

Feel free to use this story to encourage AFP members to attend future networking events. You never know who you’ll meet that will help change the lives of people in the community!!! =)

Chelsea Ledford

Our applause and congratulations to Chelsea for using her network of resources to benefit our Central Florida community!

We hope to see everyone at our next social on April 15.  Registration is required; click here for details.


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