Reflections from the 2014 AFP International Conference

President's Message Image

Make a Positive Shift
The overarching theme throughout the AFP International Conference on Fundraising was to encourage our non-profits, our institutions, our organizations to shift the way we do business. At the conference there were threads of concepts to help infuse new ideas into our work; perhaps engage a different constituency, volunteer base, or community partner. They even suggested the novel (gasp) idea of reviewing old processes to become more efficient.

Enhance What Exists
This idea of modifying our thinking, rather than completely changing it, may be more fiscally palatable to our, often underfunded, organizations. Shifting does not need to be an expensive endeavor to our organizations. That is one of the highlights from the conference. It is not an expensive database change, not a complete overhaul.  Shifting is honing, defining, and becoming more strategic. Even if it’s something small; perhaps a change in language? A realignment of strategy for efficiency. Earlier this year, our Central Florida Board of Directors encouraged members to attend monthly educational sessions, even ones that may seem like review, in order to harvest new ways of implementing tactics, strategies, and tips that each program highlighted. The book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has passed by my desk during my career. And I always admired Habit # 7: Sharpen the Saw. Preserving and enhancing the greatest asset you have–you.

AFP Membership Provides Value

AFP Central Florida President  Donna Marino, CFRE AFP Member since 2007

AFP Central Florida President
Donna Marino, CFRE
AFP Member since 2007

I believe that is what AFP provides for our members every day: a fresh perspective. It may be reminders of best practices with a new twist on ways to implement ideas. Shifting the way we think can improve efficiency, allow us to better meet the needs of donors, and has the potential to enhance our program and services to the community.

The 2014 AFP Central Florida Board of Directors continue to support your needs by providing value in your membership, guidance in your professional career and continued inspiration as you continue to serve our Central Florida community.


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