#GivingTuesday is December 2, 2014

GT_logo2013-final1-1024x85So I’ve seen the hashtag #GivingTuesday here and there, but didn’t have the most thorough understanding of what it was. I attended today’s #GivingTuesday information session at Rollins Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership Center (PNLC) and not only did I learn more about the global day of giving, but I also got REALLY excited about this year’s #GivingTuesday possibilities. For some basic background info check out this video:

This year is expected to be bigger and better than ever, and our very own Rollins PNLC is now a designated partner to the national organization. This means that the PNLC will serve as a local hub for ideas, collaborations, best practices and resources. HOORAY!

Many thanks to the PNLC for hosting and facilitating today’s presentation about #GivingTuesday. Below are some key take-aways from today that I want to share with my sizzling AFP Peeps:

  • You did not miss the #GivingTuesday boat! Even if your organization hasn’t “sailed” before, you can “come aboard” this year. And, if you start NOW you’ll have plenty of time to plan your strategy. Check out the presentation Kaia Forget and Brian Schulte shared with us today to get the wheels in your head turning.
  • Sign up for emails from the PNLC related to #GivingTuesday 2014. You’ll receive information about upcoming events/workshops surrounding this global day of giving and incredible resources that’ll be helpful to your #GivingTuesday campaign planning and implementation (e.g. an outreach calendar – how much easier can this get, right?!).
  • Check out the #GivingTuesday website for a plethora of tools including graphics, examples, ideas, case studies, etc.
  • The PNLC has created the hashtag #GivingTuesdayCFL to promote the initiative and local campaign efforts through December. Look for it on Twitter and Instagram! You can also follow #GivingTuesday on Facebook and Twitter.

Tips to consider when planning your #GivingTuesday campaign:

  • Identify a specific need your organization needs funding for (e.g. $2,000 to provide any number of families with Thanksgiving dinner).
  • Solicit a match. Give Kids the World did this and it proved to be very successful – check out their case study video.
  • Start promoting your campaign early – 2-3+ weeks before Dec. 2, 2014.
  • If this is your first #GivingTuesday campaign, start small. Set your fundraising goals realistically (even though you’ll be reaching for the stars).
  • Create a solid marketing plan to support your campaign. Much of #GivingTuesday is social media-based, but you can promote it ahead of time through other marketing vehicles.
  • Enlist assistance from “social media ambassadors” – board members, volunteers and friends of your organization who will share information about your campaign and the impact your organization has on our community via their personal social media accounts.
  • Consider the mighty ThunderClap! This is a new social media component that I feel is best described this way: “A new tool for amplifying your tweet into a sonic boom.” -Forbes.com. This FAQ helped me better understand how you can supercharge your message with the help of a crowd.

Have you participated in #GivingTuesday before? If so, share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. For those of you who have not participated before, do you think you will this year? Join the conversation online and perhaps with the crowd at our next AFP After Hours Social on July 31 at Cocina 214 (members and non-members are welcome to attend). We look forward to hearing from you!


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