Florida fundraising conference, Planet Philanthropy, opens early bird rate for registration thru March 15


Planet Philanthropy 2016 – Early Bird Rates end March 15

Planet Philanthropy is the annual statewide conference presented by the Association of Fundraising Professionals Florida Caucus.
May 22-24, 2016 at The Caribe Royale All-Suite Hotel & Convention Center in sunny Orlando, Florida.

Member ‎$425.00 [More Info] ($475.00 after March 15)

Non Member ‎$475.00 [More Info] ($550 after March 15)

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AFP International Fundraising Conference: March 20-22, 2016 Boston, MA

Int'l ConfYou’re not just a fundraiser. You’re a catalyst for change. Philanthropy doesn’t just happen. It requires knowledge, confidence and a well-maintained toolkit to bring hearts, minds and resources together for the greater good. This conference is your opportunity to sharpen your focus and skills, and to amass knowledge that will bring immediate impact to your organization. Join AFP International colleagues in Boston for three days of listening, learning and laughter among the greatest thought-leaders in international fundraising and philanthropy. You’ll come away inspired, invigorated and more certain than ever that fundraising is the hardest job you’ll ever love.

Kofi Annan, Chairman of Kofi Annan Foundation / Secretary-General of UN

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Kofi Annan, Chairman of Kofi Annan Foundation / Secretary-General of UN


Submit Your Comments NOW to the IRS on New Regulations Requiring Disclosure of Social Security Numbers

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is proposing regulations that would create a new donor disclosure form for donations over $250 that would require charities to collect their donors’ social security numbers. The IRS isn’t making the form mandatory now, but even the “optional” proposal concerns us, and it could be obligatory to use in the future. You can read more about the proposal here.

We need you to contact the IRS TODAY with your concerns about this proposal!

The IRS wants to hear from a wide variety of organizations, and this is an instance where the quantity of responses is very important. Don’t stand on the sidelines and hope that you won’t be required to collect your donor’s social security numbers. Submit your written comments to the IRS.

Your comments don’t need to be long. Spend one paragraph (a sentence or two) describing your organization, its size and what it does. Use a second paragraph (a sentence or two) to state why you’re concerned about the proposal and how it might affect your fundraising, such as:

  • “Requiring my larger donors to give me their social security number would make them uneasy and apprehensive about giving.”
  • “I’ve already heard from a few donors who have said they are concerned about providing their social security numbers and might not give [or might give less] if the regulation is enacted.”
  • “The IRS has always told us not to ask for social security numbers, and always told donors not to provide their social security numbers because of concerns about privacy.”
  • “These regulations open up donors and charities to problems related to identify theft.”
  • “We’re a small charity and don’t have the resources—financial and human—to buy and maintain new security standards in order to handle social security numbers”
  • “As a donor, I wouldn’t want to provide my social security number. Why would you consider making charities request this information?”

Use whatever comments are pertinent to your organization, cause and particular perspective.

When you’re ready, you can easily submit comments online at this page by cutting and paste your text into the provided form: http://www.regulations.gov/#!submitComment;D=IRS-2015-0049-0001

No salutation or other formal information is required for the actual comment.

Here are two sample comments:


I am concerned about giving out my Social Security number. I am also the director of a nonprofit. I am concerned that by asking for Social Security numbers, people will be less likely to give larger donations. This would have a great impact on my organization.”


“I work for a small, [INSERT NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES]-employee nonprofit that has a big impact in [INSERT COMMUNITY, STATE].

I oppose the proposed gift substantiation regulation because it would open donors and nonprofits up to identity theft. The IRS should join nonprofits in protecting donor information by withdrawing this unnecessary and ill-conceived proposal.”


It’s that simple! And you’ll be helping out the entire profession and charities across the U.S.

Comments are due by NEXT WEDNESDAY, DEC. 16, 2015.

If you have any questions, email Jason Lee, AFP General Counsel, at jlee@afpnet.org.

Thank you for your involvement in the public policy process and working to maintain and strengthen the fundraising profession.

2016 Board Slate Finalized for AFP Central Florida

In accordance with the Chapter’s bylaws, the Committee on Directorship is presenting this 2016 slate of officers and directors to our membership for consideration and ratification at the AFP Central Florida Chapter’s annual meeting.

Officers and members of the executive committee appear in the shaded area. Teams responsible for Chapter functions are grouped in a box under the appropriate vice president. The order in which directors are listed has no meaning. We look forward to your participation at the Wednesday, December 9 member meeting.


Nominations are being accepted for 2016 AFP Central Florida Board Service

AFP logo colo.phpAFP Central Florida is recruiting volunteer leaders for its 2016 Board of Directors. The AFP Central Florida board is comprised of talented AFP members who plan and implement programs that support the professional growth of our members; and whose support helps to advance the fundraising profession in our region. Board members commit to serving a one-year term beginning January 1, 2016. Each board position has a specific area of responsibility and works with other board members in an integrated and collaborative manner to achieve the chapter’s annual objectives and long-term goals. Expectations are outlined in the nomination package with additional individual discussions scheduled during slate creation.

AFP CFC Board Application Package 2016

  1. Complete the attached 2016 Board of Directors application. Only AFP Central Florida members in good standing are eligible to apply.
  2. Submit the AFP CFC Board Application Package 2016 as an email attachment to mail@afpcentralflorida.org.
  3. A member of the AFP Committee on Directorship will contact you to discuss your application and areas of interest.
  4. Applicants will be notified on or before November 5, 2015 with results of board selection.
  5. A proposed slate of 2016 Board of Directors will be compiled by the Committee on Directorship and emailed to the AFP Central Florida membership by November 4, 2015.
  6. A vote to approve the 2016 Board of Directors slate will occur at the AFP Central Florida annual meeting on Wednesday, December 9, 2015. Only AFP Central Florida members in good standing are eligible to vote.